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We value talents, and will give back to high-quality talents

Talent is the company's first resource, we think that the investment in human resources has the highest ROI. We respect the value of each employee, and also pay attention to teamwork. We know that the achievements of the organization is inseparable from the efforts of all employees. We advocate and encourage diversified, cross-cultural human resources cooperation.
  • Extensive, professional and systematic staff training program
    Newly recruited employees who has graduated for less than 3 years will enjoy monthly rental subsidies offered by the company. After working for two years, they can apply for an interest-free housing loan of up to 900,000 Yuan.For excellent employees they can enjoy this policy after working for one year.
  • Industry-attractive remuneration packages and state-stipulated insurance benefits
  • Friendly professional communication atmosphere, good and comfortable working environment
  • Free group accommodation for single employees
  • Holiday gifts, condolence certificates
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